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Scuba diving @ Sundhaeuser See

Actually, this was just a two day trip with focus on accomplishing my dry suit diving licence. But after passing the tests I had one more dive to try my Canon EF 24-70 in the new Hugyfot housing I bought last year – yezzzz!

What should I say? After 5 minutes of diving I found a pike which was lazy enough to be my photo model for about 20 (!) minutes (and probably blind from the strobe light afterwards). I had some technical problems – but hey, 20 minutes are more than enough to fix them :-D

- Bernd -

Spraying in Berlin

In May Anja and I went to Berlin over the weekend because we had tickets for the revised version of the musical “Tanz der Vampire”. Some years ago I have seen the original in Vienna and I definitly liked that version more. But the musical is still a recommendation and if you are into Meat Loaf songs you will recognize a lot of melodies from his songs (“Objects in the rear view mirror”, “Seize the night”,…).

As my girlfriend is an artist, of course we had to create some arts ourselves. The Mauerpark offers a legal opportunity to spray graffitis onto parts of the old Berlin Wall. A great destination for our first try and I think the result looks good – or what do you think? ;-)

- Bernd -