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Istanbul – Urban Exploring

Where the hell was that? ;-)

- Bernd -

Sightseeing in Istanbul

We went to Istanbul to visit Anjas friend Caro and her boyfriend Onur in March. During the week we spent there they showed us the city and a lot of cool places only locals do know: Shisha smoking bars, restaurants, the bazar… We had so much fun, it felt more like coming home than being in a foreign town. I look forward to seeing the both of them and – of course – Istanbul again…

- Bernd -

Istanbul Akvaryum

At first I did not want to write a post about us going to an aquarium. But I took two nice pictures I would like to share with you!

The first one shows Anja with a sand tiger shark. Another visitor was just about to take a photo with his mobile phone, I took the chance to use his permanent strobe light for my own picture, too.

Now look at the second (poor-quality) picture that will probably remind you of the movie “Jaws”. If I had to guess the species, I would right away say that it is a great white shark or maybe a mako considering the small teeth. But actually it is a sand tiger shark again! I am so happy for this picture because you will hardly see a sand tiger with its mouth wide open. Sounds ridiculous because a shark would always pose like that? No! Google for a similar image of this species, I bet you will not find any…! And that is the reason I am proud to be able to share this remarkable snapshot with you – enjoy it!

- Bernd -