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Goodbye, New York!

9 federal American states*, 1 federal Canadian state** and 2.500 road miles later, we are finally back in New York city to catch our flight back home. We will definitly come back!

Thanks to Anja and Thomas for taking a lot of good pictures helping me to illustrate the blog posts!

- Bernd -

*) New York State, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut

**) Ontario

Roadside Impressions
Birthday in Atlantic City

What a coincidence, we have two Birthdays on the same day – June 27, my twin brothers and mine! ;-) And isn’t it good that we are in Atlantic City where we can celebrate in the bars and casinos? Atlantic City, the Las Vegas of New Jersey…but wait a minute, where are all the young people? Probably in Las Vegas! :-D

- Bernd -

Scuba Diving in Morehead

The whole US North-East road trip was originally designed around scuba diving with sand tiger sharks in Morehead City. Unfortunately, the whole story ended up as a little disappointment. When we arrived there the weather was so bad, that they had to cancel all the tours. Therefore, we were on standby for a few days always hoping the dive center would give us the green light for the next day. When they were finally able to offer a tour we could only go wreck diving. I got seasick like never before on this trip so we canceled the second day. Never mind, sometimes things just do not work out the way you have planned…

- Bernd -

Shooting at B&R Guns and Range

Once again, I went shooting in the US and to keep my promise from 2010, this time my brother joined! Anja did also join us and – considering that she was a first-time-shooter – her results were great!

I like the American shooting ranges. There is not much paperwork, the briefings are short, the operator has trust in your skills. We tried the Uzi and Beretta 92 in 9mm, the M4 5.56mm and – a dream came true – a .44 Magnum. Thanks to the B&R Guns and Range team, they were very helpful and friendly!

- Bernd -

Washington, D. C.
Almost heaven, West Virginia…

…Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River….

Have you ever wondered what they sing about in the famous song “Country Roads”? Then you should take a look at our itinerary map because that is exactly where we stopped on our way down to Morehead City, North Carolina. We spend a few hours in the Luray Caverns, which are very impressive. Also, our guide had a good sense of humor and was well-informed. Recommended!

- Bernd -


We did not plan to go to Canada when we started the trip. But hey, as we are already at the border, why not cross it and visit Toronto for a day?

- Bernd -

Niagara Falls

Well, I think there is not much to say about the Nigara Falls. A big waterfall at the American-Canadian border. Not as impressive as I had expected but the “Maid of the mist” tour is spectacular. It is a short boat ride right into the middle of the waterfall, so close that all you can see is water and you will definitly not get out of it dry. We liked it!

- Bernd -

Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Scranton

Anja and I are big fans of the television series “The Office – An American Workplace”. The imaginary Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc. is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania and the very first thing you see in the intro is the Penn Paper tower:

Of course, we had to stop by on our way to the Niagara Falls and take pictures :-)

- Bernd -


After a few days in New York we picked up a rental car at the airport and drove into Western direction. Although New York was pretty interesting we were all relieved to see some green again ;-)

- Bernd -