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Scuba Diving @ Marsa Alam

In August 2017 my brother Thomas and I went to Marsa Alam in the south of Egypt for scuba diving. We stayed at The Oasis, a Werner Lau diving center, for a week.
We had good luck: After half a year of absence from Abu Dabbab the dugong had just returned. We were the second group to spot it. Although it was surrounded by a lot of snorklers and scuba divers (us! ;-) ) the dugong kept calm and seemed to be unimpressed. It was always busy with eating and would only interrupt for a few minutes to gasp for breath at the surface. We spent over half an hour with it and the many sea turtles around.
Another highlight was a large shoal of dolphins passing by just after we had entered the water at Marsa Shagra. I had only a few seconds to get my camera ready and take two shots – you can see the result below…

- Bernd -