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Caught in the act

Sometimes you are at the right place just at the right time! Or you are not (because you have to go to the bathroom) and others will take pictures of a seagull stealing your lunch ;-)

- Bernd –


At the end of April 2017 Anja and I spent a few days in ancient Rome. Considering that the city is only a two-hour flight away from where we live I asked myself why I did not go there earlier. Extraordinary wine and food and a lot of old buildings and ruins to see (the whole city looks like a large archaeological site).
Besides the must-see attractions including the Colloseum, Castel Sant’Angelo, the St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel we also visited the Capuchin Crypt which is an insider tip because it is so macabre. It is filled with thousands of human skulls and bones. Of course you are not allowed to take pictures inside (for the dead people’s sake!) and of course in the souvenir shop you can find shirts with skeletons for Halloween ;-)
If you are planning to go to Rome and see the catacombs it is good to know that there are several of them or at least you have several entries. After some research we visited the Catacombs of Callixtus. They are located a little bit offsite but if you do not mind walking you can make your way there through the Parco della Caffarella which is very nice.
Last but not least we joined a Free Bike Tour. Biking is not my personal preference but it was a good way to see places that can not be reached by foot or public transportation.

- Bernd -