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Thank you and goodbye!

Dear readers,

To everything there is a season! After 8 years of travel blogging I have decided to finish this project.
It was not an easy descision because after so many years the blogging itself has become an elementary part of my life. However, interests change, you have new ideas and goals and in order to achieve them you need to throw off ballast. You can struggle with it or you can do it with a smile! ;-)
I want to thank everyone who has been following my blog over the years. Thank you for reading, and thanks for your positive feedback! I also want to thank my guest photographers/videographers and co-writers including Nathalie, TB, MW, GS, Isabell, Momperlise, Peter and my brother Thomas.

All the best to you!
- Bernd -

P.S. If you are a travelling scuba diver or just interested in underwater photography feel free to follow me on Instagram!

Thank you!