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4 comments on “Crossing the International Date Line

  1. Susanne on said:

    Ok now I know how this works, didn´t get it in my mind. You ´re loosing a whole day. Wow. Can tell you it´s a beatiful day in Germany, sun is shining worked in the backyard, build the hedgehoge´s winterhome put some food in it and guess who came first???? Sternchen and she likes to eat all the food. Like your informations a lot on this blog. You both do allways a great job.
    Have fun.

  2. christian on said:

    i would do it the ather way around… so that i can repeat a day… e. g. the day where i get my salary ;-)

  3. Danke, ich habe mir über eure Glückwünsche sehr gefreud!

  4. Isabell on said:

    well, I thought I wasn’t the only one getting confused with the date and time difference…
    glad I could help you ….

    and why you put food in the hedgehogs home if there isn’t anyone in yet –
    you know the fat lil’ kitty will eat everything she gets….. ;-)

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