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Goodbye, New York!

9 federal American states*, 1 federal Canadian state** and 2.500 road miles later, we are finally back in New York city to catch our flight back home. We will definitly come back!

Thanks to Anja and Thomas for taking a lot of good pictures helping me to illustrate the blog posts!

- Bernd -

*) New York State, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut

**) Ontario


We did not plan to go to Canada when we started the trip. But hey, as we are already at the border, why not cross it and visit Toronto for a day?

- Bernd -

New York – Yellow & Red
Sightseeing in New York
Manhattan at sunset

New York / 180 degrees

Here we are, in New York – my brother Thomas, my girlfriend Anja and me!

Everything seems familiar to us. Probably, because we all grew up with American movies like “Home Alone 2″ which were shot here. I think everyone is aware of having seen a lot of movies located in New York but I was still suprised about how many filming locations there actually are when I checked the list on onthesetofnewyork.com. No wonder that it feels more like coming home than visting a foreign city.

In my backpack I am carrying my Canon EOS 5D MkII with a circular fisheye objective. I am going to need it for underwater photography later on this trip and our trolleys were already very heavy when we had packed them at home, therefore I did not want to take an additional standard zoom objective with me. I also thought that this could be a great chance to take extraordinary and individual shots of a city that has already been shot to death by millions of photographers with ordinary wide angle objectives. So here are my first 180 degrees shots…

- Bernd -