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La tortura :-)

Oh wow, it’s already three days since the last blog entry – and sooo much has happened. Okay, I’ll give you a quick roundup:

Flooded streets in front of our bus terminal (© 2010 Bernd Neeser)16 September: Our bus to Mexico City leaves at 6 p.m. – we’re getting ready and head to the bus terminal just before a heavy shower startet. I never thought that streets could turn into rivers in just a few minutes!!! The cars had to fight their way through the water and I was a little concerned about our 18 hours bus ride – but everything went smooth and we slid back to Mexico City.

17 September: Checked in at YWCA Hostel, got some hours of sleep and left for the airport at 1 a.m. the next morning.

18 September: We arrived at the aiport 4 hours before the flight left (which was about 7.20 a.m.), used the time to surf on the internet and spend the last pesos we had. Around 5.30 a.m. we thought it might be a good time now to check in… well, United didn’t agree! Their system brooke down, they were still dealing with a flight leaving at 6.20 a.m, checking in all the passengers manually, not giving out any information to non-spanish speaking passengers – it was pure chaos or as one of the mexican crew members expressed it: “We have no system” – yeah, that’s what we found out as well during the last 8 days.

Anyway we checked in at 7.30 a.m., rushed through security- and passport control and finally took off to Los Angeles at 8.30 a.m. :-)

- Isabell -

Gangstas Paradise

Isabell & Bailey's (© 2010 Bernd Neeser)After a more or (for some of us ;) ) LESS convenient flight with our friends red wine and Bailey’s we reached a city that is said to be criminal and corrupt. So here we are: Mexico City! I`m not a friend of cliches but let me just tell you about our arrival.
Custom: Had to push a button, that lights red or green BY RANDOM – if it turns red, you loose the game and get your luggage controlled! :?: We won!
Money changer: After counting two times a Bob Marley like guy gave me the money. At the moment I started counting the money by myself he suddenly realized that he counted wrong before and gave me the missing amount…hm…okay, maybe he just needed a few minustes to think about it..?
Bernd & red wine (© 2010 Isabell Gernert)Order an authorized taxi: 127 Mexican Pesos, I paid with a 200$M bill, the lady gave me back something round about 40. “Em…I`m getting back 73″ – “Oh, sorry” (the lady drops a few more coins) – “Still less than 50, it`s 73″ – “Ooooooh, sorry” (Drops a few more bills, I count again, 71) – “71!?” – she wordless gave me the two missing Pesos and I really felt like breaking her neck.
Driving to the hostel: You’re waiting on a crossway for the traffic light to get green. Although it is DARK RED your taxi driver keeps hitting the signal-horn. Two policemen standing right next to the car don`t care. They also don`t care about that twelve year old boy walking on the street to juggle with machetes…

…sounds like circus? No, it`s GANGSTAS PARADISE…looking forward to see a little bit more of the city tomorrow :)

- Bernd -