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A date with the doctor

The matter of traveling and health care are huge and in connection with each other almost frightening. But as it is with everything, cutting it down to a certain level helps a lot. So this is basically what I went through:

If you plan your trip with Lonely Planet travel guides just skim trough and you’ll find details about recommended vaccinations, what drugs to take and some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind (the relevant pages are mostly in the back part of the book). For up-to-date information we also use to check the website of the Federal Foreign Office – not only for medical advice but also for up-to-date political information, rules and regulations for immigration and security advice.

As both of us do have the “standard vaccinations”  (which are hepatitis a, typhoid, measles, tetanus, diphtheria, polio) there are only few additional ones that we would need:  bird flu,  rabies, japanese encephalitis and hepatitis b.  Thanks to our last year visit to Bali we already have the last one (two doses to be taken within 6 months, about 60 € each)  and as we do not intend to work on a chicken farm during the trip we eliminated bird flu and rabies.  We thought about getting shots for the encephalitis but as we survived Bali without it (and as we knew that it was another 160 € we would have to pay) we figured that it is not that necessary – but that’s something you decide for yourself. Anyway, if you’re not sure what do take or what not to take, go ask a doctor! That’s what we did as well to see if all our immunizations were still good. (BTW, it might not be wrong to take that little yellow book on our trip?!) ;-)

Well, while we’re at it, there are some infectious deseases we might encounter which you can’t be vaccinated against – like malaria or dengue-fever. For malaria there are pills you use as prophylaxis as well as first-aid medicine in case you get infected, like  malarone (about 62,00 € a box) which can only be purchased with prescription. Dengue-fever can be cured with paracetamol and plenty of fluids.

As I was saying travel and health are both never-ending-stories  and I’m sure there’s still quite a number of infections, drugs or preparations to be mentioned but this is the level of information I dealt with while planning our trip…

- Isabell -

Money, money, money

When we tell people about our travel plans, the most favorite question seems to be where we got all the money from. Well, I would be lying if I said a round-the-world trip is just a little more expensive than going on vacation. But it`s definitely not as expensive as most of us think!

Money (© 2010 Bernd Neeser)Depending on how long you`re traveling, which countries you are planning to visit and how comfortable your accommodation needs to be you can calculate a few thousands up to a few ten thousand Euros. As we are planning to come around as backpackers most of the time our travel budget will be somewhere between 5.000 and 10.000 Euro per person. The budget includes the round-the-world tickets, visa and tourist cards, overnights stays in hostels and cheap hotels, food, transportation by motorcycle, rental car or bus and a few specials we will not yet tell you about to keep it more exciting 8O

So if you would like to travel around the world but the money is your reason to stay at home, there are some tips I got for you to beat down the price:

  • Search the Internet for other kind of tickets, e. g. RTW tickets with a fixed route or fixed dates are cheaper than individual ones
  • Living one week in cheap countries (Asia…) can be as expensive as living in other countries for just one day. Check out the list on worldtrip.de to get an overview of daily budgets
  • If you don`t mind earn the money you need ON your trip Work and Travel could be a possibility

Last but not least: Where there`s a will, there`s a way! If you really, really want to do it, nothing will hold you back. And if you don`t…you know, then you`ll always find excuses like you don`t have the money…

- Bernd -