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We did not plan to go to Canada when we started the trip. But hey, as we are already at the border, why not cross it and visit Toronto for a day?

- Bernd -

Sightseeing in Istanbul

We went to Istanbul to visit Anjas friend Caro and her boyfriend Onur in March. During the week we spent there they showed us the city and a lot of cool places only locals do know: Shisha smoking bars, restaurants, the bazar… We had so much fun, it felt more like coming home than being in a foreign town. I look forward to seeing the both of them and – of course – Istanbul again…

- Bernd -

San Francisco

Although it looks like, we`re not in San Francisco any more – we`ve left almost one week ago! Unfortunately, there was so less time to view and develop the tons of pictures I took there that I`m still busy…
To keep in the flow we will go on with blogging about our next destination and I´m going to upload the missing S. F. pictures as soon as possible! But don`t mind, I got one picture for you already – it`s my favorite one, a night shot of the giant and impressing Golden Gate Bridge – hope you like it as much as I do!

- Bernd -

The Golden Gate Bridge (© 2010 Bernd Neeser)