The Idea

In 2009 I came up with the idea of taking a time-out for the very first time. After 8 years in the same job I found that it was not any more what I expected from life, it was time for a change. On vacation in Indonesia I talked with scuba diving guide and dropout Christian day by day telling him about my plan to work as an underwater photographer and live on Bali for a few months. He encouraged me a lot to break out and my former girlfriend Isabell was as enthusiastic as me so the plan became more concrete. However, it took me almost one more year until I finally resigned in January 2010, which – by the way – was one of the best descisions in my life ;)

Bernd (¬© 2014 Isabell Gernert)First I thought about looking for a new job immediately and postpone the time-out to a more convenient time. But soon I realized that there wouldn`t be any better moment for it. No job, no duties and Isabell would also have some time after completing her diploma thesis end of July 2010. So I started reading about around-the-world-trips on the Internet, Isabell fell in love with the idea as well and only a few days later the final decision was made…

EDIT – Spring 2012:
Originally,¬† was planned to get “frozen” as soon as we have finished our round-the-world-trip. But after our return and encouraged by a lot of positive feedback we decided to keep it up. Within the past few weeks I have migrated pictures taken on previous trips from another website of mine and wrote a few word about those journeys. Now I’m looking forward to blog future trips on this website including stories, travel tips, pictures and itineraries – I hope you`ll like it!

- Bernd -

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3 comments on “The Idea

  1. David and Mary on said:

    We are so glad we met you and NOW we can follow you going around the world. The two of you make a great couple. HINT HINT BERND. Looking forward to your adventure.

  2. HINT, HINT…I think I know what you mean..! We also had a great time with you, and – you remember – next time we`re travelling the east coast ;)
    P.S. Good luck with your hurricane “Earl”…

  3. Ursula on said:

    Hello to the other end of the world :-)

    Great pictures! Hope you’ve a lot of fun and fantastic experiences!

    Take care!!!

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